Saturday, February 6, 2010

Business At The Same Old Stand

A cursory review of Japan's history reaches a staggering conclusion.

Between 1659 and 1854 Japan was a closed society ruled by the Shogunate. Twenty years after the opening of Japan, the people in power replaced the Shogunate with a constitution and an emperor. Japan swiftly became the industrial powerhouse of Asia, while the Japanese people were schooled in the ritual obeisance of an agrarian empire.

In WW II the Japanese followed their leaders to a bitter end, still largely under the impression that they were defending "traditional values". To the credit of the Japanese people, the Americans became increasingly desperate to negotiate a surrender with the Emperor before a widespread revolution broke out and replaced feudalism, as happened in Germany and Russia at the end of WW I.

Today, in the US, we see the same jujitsu practiced on rightwingers. Believing that they are upholding "tradition", they support Republicans who doubled the national debt, call for an end to immigration, and would strike every clause from the Bill of Rights except for the Second.

Would these idiots follow their leaders to the total destruction of the US? They already are.