Saturday, October 27, 2007

We Are So Doomed

Kim's roommate was watching C-span today. Senators were quizzing an agency head and employees in a parody of incompetence that would have gotten them thrown out of any decent high school classroom. My God, it was like they were on drugs.

Responding to a question from Senator Akaka of Hawaii, the agency head said "Well, the short answer is yes and no...(technobabble) Senator Aloha (technobabble) And then I was where there these Dutch Elms and you know every 17 years (technobabble, unconnected to Dutch Elms). Honestly, just kill me now.

Eventually Mildred changed the channel to motorized tricycles racing in a stream full of water. Normally you wouldn't think a 90-year old woman would be that interested in such a thing, but when you've just seen the alternative, it's almost a relief.

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