Thursday, December 20, 2007

Caught in the Act

On December 17 Jen at explained how the Bush gang, in February of 2001, moved to wiretap all the telecommunications of America.

Let's review: We know that at that time, the Bush gang had little or no concern about the threat posed by OBL or international terrorism. The wiretapping was not done to protect us against al Quaeda. Programs already in existence at that time intercepted and screened all international satellite communications.

This domestic wiretapping, in short, was intended to assist the Bush gang in a program of lawbreaking, seizing of power, suppression of the facts and the truth, and a ruthless looting of our national wealth, both natural and earned.

Spectacularly successful in the looting, they appear not to have succeeded in establishing a dictatorship. Only time will provide the final answer on that count. We may, in fact, never know- having made their getaway, they may no longer care what happens to little Georgie.

Jen's piece is a clear and lucid explanation of how this telecom wiretapping was conducted , and a highly recommended read.

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