Monday, January 28, 2008

Hoover's Back

You're right, it could be Herbert or J.Edgar- but right now I'm focusing on J.Edgar, specifically, his habit of illegally spying on us to build files for blackmail.

That was the secret of J.Edgar's longevity- files on every Congressman and President, and every other public figure, that he used in a 40-year campaign of black mail and extortion.

And that's the real reason the Republicans want to wiretap all of our e-mail and phone calls- to build those files again and blackmail us.

In the end, J.Edgar was revealed to be a cross-dressing gay person, a bitterly ironic revelation to the thousands of people whose lives he ruined, and the millions denied security clearances or jobs. Undoubtedly much the same is true of our current crop of Republican gangsters And that, in short is what it is- gangsterism, pure and simple.

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