Thursday, July 10, 2008

Like one who durst not turn his head...

Lest, behind, some loathesome monster tread....

It's plain now that Bush and Cheney decided to torture some people snatched at random and confined in our prisons, until they yielded false confessions that could be used in show trials.

But that wasn't really the plan. The plan was that Bush would be the 'dummy' while Cheney and the gang robbed the country blind. Bush wouldn't profit while in office, but, as in every other part of his previous life, he would be showered with gifts by the other gang members after leaving office.

They didn't worry about the reconstruction of Iraq, because they never intended to see democracy there anyway. The military failures, to them, are simply an opportunity to assert that Iraq 'needs' our troops to 'maintain order'.

In fact, the attack on 9/11 was, to them, a complication in an otherwise smoothly flowing plan. Suddenly the American people wanted them to catch some real bad guys, and their response was typical- "We'll just make some bad guys". A show of force in Afghanistan, the purchase of some captives from warlords, a prison quickly set up in Guantanamo, and they could get back to the real work- stealing oil and making the world a more dangerous place, so we would always need to purchase more weapons (and contracted services) from their companies. You don't need complicated theories to explain the facts we see- just the courage to see the facts.

Lynndie England is not the problem. George Bush and Dick Cheney are the problem.

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