Friday, August 22, 2008

What A Racket

In order to 'win' the drug wars, we need to pay police enough that they can't be bribed- certainly, two to three times as much as the average taxpayer makes. But the value of the police against drugs is zero for us, and immense for the criminal rackets who depend on drugs being illegal to keep them in business.

For the police, it's a win-win-win scenario. A wealthy alternative employer is created to bid for their services, and hey, why not work for both at the same time. Given their huge financial stake in the outcome, they shouldn't be allowed to take part in the discussion at all. If there's anything to be learned from their statistics, that can be learned by independent scholars.

Who always, in the past, have supported legalization (Indian Hemp Commission, 1998, Panama Canal Zone Study, 1927, La Guardia Report, 1943, Schaeffer Commission, 1973, US Public Health Association, 1995).

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