Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hindenberg and Hitler

By now we're all pretty sick of Sarah Palin. She's just another comment on McCain's unreadiness to be President, and this may be what saves us in the end- the realization by "conservatives" that McCain's upbringing and mental degeneration have resulted in the most corrupt and self-serving attempt to grab the Presidency of our history.

So, buckle your seatbelts. At the bottom line the election is about race, and whether a Republican party that has depended on racism to win elections for 40 years can pull it off one more time. Either way, the Republicans lose.

What the Rs haven't realized yet is that if they win, they really lose. In that event, McCain, depending on the people who looted Wall Street, will attempt to govern, while Palin will attempt to seize power. McCain is obviously unhinged, Palin is a fascist, and the institutions that might maintain a semblance of governance have been corrupted by Bush. This would not be a pretty sight to watch.

If she brings you brownies, John, be afraid- be very afraid.

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