Sunday, November 9, 2008

Spare Me

Ok, we have now paid our dues and voted Democratic and now Obama can save a nation that arguably shouldn't be saved. But this ain't the second coming, and I don't need to keep cheering.

For example, over a half million Americans are arrested each year for simple possession of marijuana- a prohibition based on lies that most Americans would like to see ended.

And the Democrats can't do a thing about it. They can't even stop telling the lies, let alone take control of the agencies and make them stop lying. As for putting a bill in the hopper to end the insanity- that'll be the day!

And so it will go over the next four years, as Senator Dodd speaks up to defend Joe Lieberman, and Obama castigates Chavez of Venezuela, and 'clean coal' and 'ethanol' line up at the federal trough.

The Democrats didn't save us, we saved the Democrats, and nothing is surer than the fact that they will eventually forget this and swap a few chairs of power with the Republicans. Because when that happens they don't feel the pain- we do.

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