Thursday, November 19, 2009

McGinn Gets On Board The Light Rail

Soon after winning a spot on the ballot, the McGinn campaign "sponsored" a community-oriented website that offered readers the chance to vote on questions like "Is McGinn the most totally awesome candidate for Mayor we've ever seen?" As it happened, building another light rail line in Seattle got more votes than McGinn. Shortly afterwards, he held a press conference, and announced he would support holding a vote about any plan for light-rail that might be developed by an agency like Sound Transit or Metro Transit. That was all he said, but that was enough.

In the background was a map of Seattle with a line connecting West Seattle and Ballard. McGinn supporters instantly inundated us with claims that McGinn would build a light rail system that would be cheaper and work better than anything seen to date. If you mentioned that McGinn had offered no plan for doing so, they would reply that, of course there was no plan- you could hardly expect to see a plan now, could you?!? Not actually having a plan was the most awesome part of having a plan! McGinn was a leader and he gets things done- that's all that you or I should need to know.

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