Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Do-nothing Congress

For the first time in our national history, we need a Congress that can run the government.

Let me explain. For our first 125 years, the US government financed itself with the lands taken from the Native Americans.. The railroads were built with land-grant loans, and the loans were repaid with free transport for the government during WW I. Then came the oil bonanza followed by our victory in WW II that left us as the only economy still able to stand. It's been grand, but the party is over.

For all of those years it did not matter if the Congress was dysfunctional (and it quite obviously was), but now it matters.

We can no longer trust any president with the powers to 'save' us. We need to develop the capacity of self-government, and we need to do it fast. We can't afford to emulate the French in trying out five different republics before we get it right.

Fortunately, the Congress has the powers, and they have the skills. All they need now is the determination. Maybe another 'journalistic coup' will put McCain in office and inspire the Congress to act.

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