Sunday, February 10, 2008

Strikethrough Silliness

I always imagined the strikethrough function would be impossibly complex cool and easy to use. And so it is. The operative character is 's' and '/s' as it turns out- little enough to memorize. However, Blogger does not support strikethrough in comments, blighting all hope of snappy repartee.


Jennifer Briney said...

Have you sent in a suggestion to blogger asking them to add it? I would like to use it to.

Also, I gave instructions for the photo thing over at Little Country Lost. I'm also a bit confused by your second comment. Do you think you might be able to clarify it a bit for me?

Chris in Seattle said...

Hmmm.... You can use an 's' and not the whole word 'strike' like I've been doing? What a dunce I am.