Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Crisis

Recent American history has certainly looked a lot like Nazi Germany. When you add to the concentration camps, domestic spying, torture, and naked aggression on flimsy pretexts, the actual familial linkage of George Bush to the Hitler regime, it's tempting to think in that wise.

But lately I've been seeing more pre-war Japan. Pre-war Japan was driven by a mix of the desire to preside over a Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, a need for the markets of China, and a sort of societal psychosis channeled over decades by the influence and example of foreign powers into the Army and Navy.

The crisis, however, came with the Oil Embargo of 1941, when the British, Dutch, and Americans shut off Japan's oil supplies. Japan began using her strategic reserves and in the pressure of events became totally unhinged and attacked the US.

Maybe now you can see the similarities too.

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