Thursday, May 1, 2008

They Lived In The Past

The "plan", as Bush and Cheney saw it, was simple- invade Iraq, install a gangster as a dictator, sign some sweetheart oil contracts, and pump oil happily ever after. Wasn't that the way the US had always done things?

That's right, these morons are so stupid that they don't even realize that's not the way the US has always done things- and I'm not being an idealist here, just observing that installing a dictator to sign sweetheart contracts has always been more complicated than the circle jerk of Bush and friends realized.

Yes, these "leaders" are so lazy, self-centered, spoiled, arrogant, nasty, greedy- and that's not all- that they just didn't realize how much work was done by the little people they despise to install and maintain oligarchs like the Shah of Iran, Pinochet, etc.

They couldn't have done it without boobus Americanus, the big-bellied breed leaning forward to swill up the propaganda blaring from the "news channel", and feeling they were doing their part when they slapped a magnetic ribbon on their Fartmobile, tied a flag to the antenna, and headed for the mall, shouting patriotic responses to the drivel of Limbaugh on their radio.

It is of them we sing, as we celebrate this day the biggest policy mistake, made by the worst president, for the basest of motives, using the most criminal of techniques, in the history of the US.

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