Friday, December 5, 2008

Fox in the Henhouse

Hey, how great would it be if the right-wing Supreme Court decided Obama couldn't be President, and called on McCain and Palin to assume office? Clarence Thomas, for sure, would support this.

The rest of the nation, not so much. If we had already built the windmills, you could have powered America on the sighs of relief you've been hearing since Obama was elected. Most recent discussions of current events have centered on the question of whether disaster could be staved off until January 21, 2009. Snatching defeat from the very jaws of victory could be an extremely *interesting* move by the Supreme Court at this time.

So, I say, bring it on, baby! Go ahead, try another 'judicial election' and let's see just how far you get this time. But I'm guessing they won't, because I trust them- I trust them to do whatever is prudent to keep their power as Supreme Court justices. Power we would take away from them in a heartbeat if they chose McCain over Obama now.

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