Sunday, December 21, 2008

Reading for a Snowy Day

I'm reminded, suitably by a blog, of the Harvard Classics. Earlier editions are so beautifully bound and printed that your eye will be drawn to them should you find them in a bookstore.

Originally, of course, books were published by subscription and the purchaser had them bound to match the rest of their library. The uniformity is pleasing to the eye and the hand, and American readers may readily avail themselves of three great imprimateurs- the Harvard Classics, the Loeb Classics, and the Modern Library.

There is, in short, no reason to read "graphic novels", or any of the other piffle that overflows the bookstore tables at this time of year. A few of the classics, and a few more candles, will see you through most snow storms and power outages- in style and comfort.

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Delicious said...

I note from personal experience that the HC translations can be iffy -- they were public domain in 1908, after all. Hence a lot of "thou"s and so forth. But I compare that to the hiss and pop of old LPs.

Also, my dad had a complete set of Yale Shakespeare in slim small blue books. I just saw a set of them in a junk store in Schenectady.