Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Despicable Petraeus

When Petraeus talks about Iraq as the central front in the war on terror, he stands revealed for what he is- an unscrupulous self promoter whose greatest skill lies in manipulating the mental weakness of the Army as an institution For his own ends, Petraeus is willing to sacrifice our troops and money

You see, there is no central front in a terrorists war. That's why they call them terrorists. There is no defensive line to hold or attack, there are no central points that need to be seized or defended. Terror is a psychological warfare, and one that is amplified by modern media. Even with this amplification, however, a terror attack on American troops has little psychological effect on compatriots safe at home- Petraeus understands this much and trusts that fact to make his bogus program palatable to Americans at home.

It is not beyond reason that Petraeus, who has BSed his way through every rank and failed in every assignment given him in Iraq simply does not know much, or anything, about terrorism. A plumber can usually make it stop leaking, and may even be able to explain how to prevent hammering in your pipes, but that doesn't make him an expert in fluid dynamics, even if he does own a fleet of plumbing trucks.

By any standard, Petraeus is an appalling piece of garbage. IOW, exactly the type of person the Republicans would probably run for the Presidency. The time to start debunking Petraeus is now.

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