Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Twister

Well, that was a ride for you. General Petraeus was supposed to report on whether we were achieving our "goals" so that Bush could decide what to do, but in the end it turned out Bush was writing the report Petraeus would read from, and Bush insists Petraeus will make the decisions. (Yup, he's the 'decider' all right.)

But as it happened we weren't reaching our "goals" so the Petraeus "report" became a claim to success in Anbar province. Bush decided to demonstrate his contempt for the working man this year by flying to Iraq on Labor Day and meeting with a 'tribal chief' who was leading the success in Anbar thing.

Unfortunately for the 'tribal chief', this photo op was the last straw for somebody, who killed him. Bush has had better luck- it hasn't made it into the daily papers that the so-called 'tribal chief' was actually just a gangster without a tribe.

In America we're pretty used to the idea that lies told by the rich and powerful go unpunished, but I'm beginning to think we're really stretching our luck. But, hey, at least Big Government was able to step in and save capitalism from itself again with timely infusions of taxpayer money and cheap credit.

It's just really hard to comment on the levels of insanity we're seeing. Now wonder regular people like stories about cats who get mistakenly shipped across the ocean. It sure beats realizing that the guy with a finger on the nuclear trigger is a moron.

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