Friday, September 14, 2007

Whoa! Back up the train!

There is a common narrative about Iraq that, after failing to find the WMD, the American mission turned to promoting democracy.

Well, not really. No democracy was in the cards until the Iraqi people made it plain that a widespread rebellion would ensue if they didn't get the chance to vote on a government,.

At about that time, 'Death Squad' Negroponte was in Iraq, his activities cloaked in secrecy, but apparently involving the arming of Sunni militias in the south

IOW, as soon as the Americans realized that actual democracy might break out, they moved to ensure sectarian violence would disrupt elections and make self-governance difficult or impossible.

Now, as then, a unified peaceful self-governed Iraq is the last thing the Bushies want to see. Because then, Iraq wouldn't 'need' us.

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