Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Bunch of Damn Lies

Republicans say that Sarah Palin working as Governor is just the same as Hillary Clinton. Except, of course, Clinton's daughter is in one of the best British colleges, and Palin's daughter, still in high school, is pregnant. There'll be a wedding soon, when they find the shotgun.

Common sense would declare "Game over" right here, but because we're being told not to discuss Palin's family life, I'm going to say we have a duty to discuss Palin's family life. She wants to make birth control illegal and "abstinence" the only sex ed taught in the schools. That is to say, she wants to spend public money paying religious groups to push their failed doctrines in the public schools. So much wrong here.

She ran for mayor on the platform that right-wing Christians should be able to deny everyone else in town their civil liberties. One of her first acts as Mayor was to demand the resignations of all city department heads, to prove their loyalty to her. She didn't understand that their loyalty, in fact, should be to the citizens, the town charter, and the U.S. Constitution, in whatever order, but not to the Mayor.

If I had been asked to name, say, 80 million people who could be the next Vice President of the US, Sarah Palin would not have been on that list.

And we have a right to ask- do you think high school girls should become pregnant? If not, why are you pushing a program that guarantees that result? If you do, why did you slash funding to a residential center for pregnant and new mom teens? Or are you just a bad parent, somebody who should be getting counseling from the social services of Alaska?

These are just a few of the questions we have a right, and a duty, to ask.

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