Friday, September 26, 2008

Out Here in the Third World...

Yes, Sarah Palin is ignorant and quite possibly aphasic. But remember, she's a cultural fit for a third-world country like the US, where people believe in witches, take orders from their church, and think Eva Peron still lives.

Over the past eight years especially, we've become third-world. We export commodities. Half of our land is owned by 1% of the people. There's always twenty countries better than us on healthcare, nutrition, housing, or education, and usually more like 40 countries if you measure that many.

In spite of living in urbanized areas, we're not an industrialized democracy anymore. McCain is a clumsy emulation of the military dictator who seizes power and Palin is his wacky Peron sidekick, the American version of the Catholic church in South America that supports the oligarchy. And we're well on the road to being as poor as Brazil and Argentina have been for two centuries. It may seem funny to watch, but it's also a very serious business.

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