Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Not A 'Tragic Mistake'

At the end of the Vietnam War Americans began referring to it as a 'tragic mistake'. It was not a 'mistake', it was an unprovoked attack on democratic government that degenerated into a pogrom with the intent of murdering Vietnamese society by bombing.

And the current debacle is not a 'crisis', it is a robbery in progress. A hundred years ago every major railroad in the country was pulling the same scam; the victims then were the small shareholders. Since then, the taxpayers have become the small shareholders, now expected to gratefully cough up a trillion dollars so the upper classes can rest assured that things will continue unchanged. It's disaster capitalism come home to roost, and we're about to take another big slide down to third world status. To us, it's a crisis, to them, it's Christmas.

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