Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Does The Word 'Omniscient' Ring Any Bells?

I was reading recently about the Pope, who allowed a priest- a priest who had molested over 200 children during 30 years- to finish his life, as a priest, so he could keep his respect.

So much wrong here. Does this Pope really believe God doesn't know what the priest did? Do they think they're slipping one over on old Saint Peter? In fact, assuming they both exist, wouldn't God and Saint Peter both be a bit angry that this impostor would show up with forged ID and a fake uniform, seeking entrance to Heaven?

Just sayin'. Namely, I'm just saying that this Pope and his henchmen are the real atheists here. Nobody would be more surprised than this gang to find out there really was a God. The only good thing I can say about any of this is that it leads to a continued weakening of Catholic belief- and that's a good thing.

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