Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Segregation- Still Alive

In my post of March 8 I alluded to the problem of marijuana prohibition in a sense that seriously ignores the big picture. The big picture is that the "War on Drugs" is actually the continuation of segregation by other means.

Michelle Alexander, in a post post at Common Dreams, connects the dots, and much more ably than the Blogger editor here will allow me to do.

With the limited patience that this wretched editor will allow me, I'll note that the cowardice of our Democratic legislators, so fearful of seeming "soft on drugs", is matched by the prohibitionism of Liberalism. Taken together, it's a toxic sludge that mandates helmets for bicycle riders but won't support their rights to a portion of the road.

In 1964 we were the leading nation in the world. We've now slipped to around number 38, but only time will tell if we can arrest the slide there.

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