Tuesday, March 23, 2010

There You Have It

In the aftermath of the passage of the House bill on healthcare reform, Republicans are again showing they do not intend to bow to the will of the majority. Just as they did in Minnesota, dragging out Al Franken's victory for almost a year, just as they did in Washington state in our last gubernatorial elections, with their fraudulent quibbling, and just as they did in Miami in 2000, when a hired mob of suited thugs attacked the public offices and shut down the vote count, their philosophy is plain- "the power is theirs, they stole it fair and square, and they intend to keep it".

Last year, in a development shocking to observers of the Supreme Court, the Court reached out to consider matters that had not been brought before it, and then overturned almost a century of established law. Republicans are hoping the Court will do even more of this!

These are powerful established forces that have enjoyed a half century of reaming the American public and concentrating the national wealth in their own hands- to the extent that 5% of them own half of it, and half of us own nothing. With their newfound success in raising easily controlled (and apparently mindless) flashmobs, progressives can anticipate anything up to and including another coup such as the 2000 election. It's not going to be pretty.

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